In this Conference on Tennis Pathologies ” we want to focus on the importance of hip injuries in tennis. We will analyze the increase in injuries especially among young people and address all areas in order to establish a prevention methodology that allows us to control and reduce their occurrence.

Never before have there been conferences with these characteristics, dealing holistically with the entire pathology. We involve all sectors of tennis. Already in the previous shoulder conference, we introduced all Sciences applied to tennis but despite being received very well, we lacked a closer approach with the world of the coach. I believe it is necessary this time, to involve them more directly, because coaches are the ones who work most and most closely with the players.

We have speakers of the highest prestige on an international level who will contribute with their knowledge and work methodology. Doctors specializing in the hip, sports medicine, physiotherapists, physical trainers, readaptators, coaches and former players who will transmit their experience with hip injuries throughout their career during the workshops that we will introduce in this conference.

This year we cannot see each other in the same way and therefore through the online format we will try to be equally present through a Q&A session at the end of each day.

You can also follow the conference in the language in which the speakers are speaking or activate the simultaneous translation (from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English).

In a different way, we will be in Santander, Spain, my city, where I started playing tennis and studied medicine. With this second Conference of Specific Pathologies in Tennis, and those who will continue by completing a Master’s Degree at the University of Cantabria, Santander will become a city of reference in Specific Pathologies in tennis.

Dr Ruiz Cotorro
Director of Hip Tennis Congress. Specific pathology